Having problem with Microsoft Excel

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Anyone with the idea of working with excel formulas?
I want to copy a list of addresses from one sheet to another, I want to copy paste the addresses into another sheet so as to make a duplicate.
I want to automatically do this without having to do it manually.
When I put the formula even using the correct reference I don’t get the formula in the cell where I want it.
Someone kindly help me I am stuck.
Thank you…

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Having problem with Microsoft Excel


Hello Gregg

You can do this easily by clicking on the top of the column in which you have the addresses. Now right click and copy. Select a new sheet in the bottom right corner. Again click on top of a column and paste. This should copy the list from the original sheet to the new sheet.

Instead of writing down the formula by hand, you can easily set up a formula using the Insert function option. Under Insert click on Function. Now select the function you want; for a full list change the drop down menu from recently used to the category of function you want to use. All you have to do next is to click on the cells you want to use in the formula.

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Having problem with Microsoft Excel



I think this answer will be a help to perform the task you expected.

First create another sheet as (which you are going to use the duplicate) next to your original sheet.

Then be on the original sheet and hold the “Ctrl” key and select the other sheet name.

 Then the both the sheet will be selected. Both the sheet names will be more whiten.

 Please see the image below.




Now type or copy and paste any data in the original sheet.

Further if you want to have formulas you can type in the original sheet.

Those data will be recorded in the next sheet (duplicate) exactly as the original sheet.

 However, make sure always both the sheets are selected.

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