How can I hide a worksheet on Excel?

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I’m working on Excel and would want to hide a specific worksheet to protect some data and information on computation of work expenses. And also I want to reduce the clutter of some tabs on my Excel. I’m using MS-Excel 2007. I want to know how to hide and unhide worksheets. Can anyone please help me?


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How can I hide a worksheet on Excel?

The task is very easy and follow the steps given below-
To hide your worksheet:
  • Select the worksheet you need to hide by clicking on the tab (for worksheet) below (by holding the Ctrl key of the keyboard, you can select multiple worksheets by clicking on multiple tabs.)
hiding excel worksheet
  • Click on the home tab -> click Format option under Cells group.
home tab to hide sheet
  • Click Hide and Unhide, if the worksheet(s) is visible or hidden.
Besides, you can right click on the tab (worksheet) you want to hide or unhide. Then select the option Hide (you have selected several worksheets together and then select Unhide option, if you want to unhide a single worksheet. You can only unhide a single worksheet at a time) and you are done. This hidden worksheet will not be shown; but data with this are still connected with other worksheet if they were connected before hiding.
unhide excel sheet
To hide your workbook:
You can also hide a workbook-
  • Just select the Hide button under View tab or menu.
hide excel workbook
  • You’ll notice that the entire workbook disappeared.
  • To Unhide your workbook-
  • Select the Unhide button given under the View tab or menu and your workbook is unhidden again.


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How can I hide a worksheet on Excel?


I am profoundly thankful for being part of Techyv. I can easily resolve all the errors I am experiencing. And thank you Helen for your guidance.

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How can I hide a worksheet on Excel?

  • Click anywhere on the worksheet that you desire to hide.
Select more than one worksheet by pressing Ctrl and clicking on them if you want to hide more than one worksheet at the same time.
  • In the Cell Groups on the Home tab, Select Format -> Hide & Unhide -> Hide Sheet.
This command will hide the worksheet from view.
cell group of home tab in excel
  • To unhide the worksheet, Select Format -> Hide & Unhide > Unhide Sheet.
The Unhide box appears which is listing all hidden worksheets in the active workbook currently.
unhide sheet 1
  • Select the worksheet you want to unhide and click OK.
The worksheet will be available in the workbook. You can also hide rows & columns in the same way.
Thank You.


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