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Good day!

I’m using MSN Messenger 6 and I want to see the email id’s instead of names in the contact list.

Right now right clicking and mouse over will display the email id.

Please help me.

Thank you...

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Hi Edmondo,

Good day to you. To be able to see your email ID instead of names on your contact list in MS messenger, you can do the following steps:

  • View your contact details
  • In your ms messenger list, go to contacts and click the arrow down button
  • Click view
  • Then edit your contact details
  • Right click the contacts
  • From the displayed menu choose contact details
  • Click contact name and click view edit the contact details link in the address book
  • In any of the tabs, you can update the information
  • Save and click the x or close button

You can also double click contact names alternatively by going to the window IM and then choose contact options and from the action menu select contact details. I hope it helps.


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Hello Edmondo,

You can change the settings under the contact settings either under the privacy settings or the message archiving settings once you have created your yahoo messenger account so that you can only be able to view the email IDs of those people who are your friends in the yahoo messenger account.

The following is an image that shows the dialog box that you can use one of the same type to access the settings the yahoo messenger and customize them.

Or you have a yahoo messenger already created, then look for Account settings or Privacy settings and change them.


Mahesh Babu