How to get the best performance in Apple PC

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Hello everyone!

Please help me with my problem.

I want to get best performance in my Apple PC which has G 5 2.5 GHz-dual.

Also using mighty mouse and Bluetooth keyboard.

In order to get best performance may I need 1 Gigahertz RAM or half Gigahertz RAM. ?

Any ideas, please.

Thank you.

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How to get the best performance in Apple PC


Hallo Felik,

It depends with the core activity that you will like to use the keyboard for. It is normal creating and editing of documents and other basic functions, then I will recommend that you go for a 1 GB RAM for it will be fast enough for such basic tasks.

But if you intend to use the computer for memory intensive activities like watching movies, streaming videos from the internet or playing games then I will recommend that you use a RAM of not less than 4 GB so that to get the best out of the speed and proper CPU speed to execute those processes. The processor speed is good as it is.

Lee Hung

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How to get the best performance in Apple PC


First analyze the activity you mostly going to do on Mac. For small application 1GB is enough but if you use heavy applications like a video editing software or such then you need RAM of greater size. Then your hard drive should also have enough free space for your activities.

Don't clutter your hard drive or else you face slow performance. Try to uninstall any unnecessary app or software that you won't use.

To manage your hard drive timely empty trash, delete caches & temp files. You may also run a speedup mac tool which is actually a performance booster application for mac. It cleans the volumes & hard drive from unwanted data and can free up to many GBs of space.

If and when your HD becomes old, run a demo software to check fragmentation. Old HD with time gets fragmented. I have personally installed tools lie onyx and stellar speed up mac to regularize my mac performance.

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