Got this message “Folder Redirection Failed” when trying to move desktop folder

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Recently I tried to move all of my User's folders from drive C: to drive D:. I moved my folders successfully, like My Documents, My Pictures, Contacts, My Videos, and other folders except for the Desktop folder. When I tried moving it an error message shows up, either "Folder Redirection Failed" or "Operation was cancelled by the user." It happens after I copied all the folders and data to the other drive. I tried to modify the folder location for this folder many times but everytime I move it, this error message shows up.

What happened now is the data from the Desktop folder is still in its current location a copy is also in the D:UsersMyNameDesktop directory folder. Meaning, it has the same data but on two different directory folders. However, the default location for the Desktop folder is still on drive C:.

Can someone please help me with this? My computer's OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. It only has one user which is the Administrator and it is not connected in any network.

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Got this message “Folder Redirection Failed” when trying to move desktop folder


Hello Carson,

It seems that some of the files that you were trying copy were being used by a different application and that is why they cannot be moved completely to the destination folder. So you will need to check that and close any files that are open or being used and you are trying to copy them.

Otherwise ensure that you are logged in as the administrator of the computer, because you may be lacking the administrative credentials to edit and move folders from one location to another,

Also try restarting the computer so as to shut down all the processes, and then restart it and then try copying the files again and see if they copy fine this time round.


Lee Hung

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