Know about the svchost.exe Error in Windows 7.

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An error is coming in my system, naming svchost.exe error. I want to know what is svchost.exe error in windows seven and how it’s fixed? Thank you.

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Know about the svchost.exe Error in Windows 7.


For proper windows operation, the collective and acceptable windows process that loads many other critical services is known as svchost.exe. But many people complain that their CPU or memory resources lag (without any reasons) because of svchost.exe even at that moment the user doesn’t use any program. There is a high chance that if your system contains a virus, then it will show svchost.exe error. Also, sometimes windows update is the reason for the svchost.exe error. Following are the solutions to solve the svchost.exe error:

  • Firstly, make sure your system is scanned for viruses.
  • Disable the service that causes svchost high usage problem.
  • Fix the windows updates problem.

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