Google Chrome Crash Down Error

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I am sharing this problem, hoping I can get an answer to it. I use Google Chrome as my Explorer.

I am using its beta version. All was going well.

I wasn’t having a problem with browsing or downloading. Suddenly, this morning, when I was giving an online quiz on the site using Chrome, I received this error that Google Chrome has crashed and it asked me to restart.

Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed. Restart now?

I thought that if I restart, I would loose the marks to the question I was attempting. So, I clicked Cancel button. After that, Chrome went offline and was not connected to the internet. I restarted Chrome, and after a few minutes, I got the same error message from Chrome again.

So this time I clicked Ok button so may it restart and the error may get fixed. Chrome restarted. Again, after a few minutes, the same error repeated. So for now, I am using Firefox as a browser. I want to know if there is any solution to this error of Google Chrome.


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Google Chrome Crash Down Error



If IDM Advance Browser Integration is enabled:

  1. Disable your Advance Browser Integration. Next, instead of using Advance Browser Integration, install oGet Extension.
  2. IDM -> Downloads -> Options, uncheck Google Chrome.
  3. Install oGet Extension. Here is the link:


If you don't know whether IDM Advance Browser Integration is enabled or not:

  1. Remove all your browsing history, cache, saved password, etc.
  2. Uninstall your Google Chrome.
  3. Clean your registry with registry cleaner (if you do not have any, then download a registry cleaner).
  4. Download the latest version of Google Chrome.
  5. Install Google Chrome.
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Google Chrome Crash Down Error


Hi all,

It sounds like a few different stability issues being voiced here.  Let's try to get to the bottom of each. Remember, the more details we share, the quicker we can potentially figure out what's going on. Ok, let's start with a clean installation of Google Chrome. Please uninstall your current version — you can do that from the Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs menu.

While you're there, it would be helpful to know if you have Google Updater listed there too — that's a program you receive with Google Pack, and it manages Google software on your computer. If you see it listed, please temporarily uninstall that while we troubleshoot. Now that Google Chrome is off your computer, let's reinstall Google Chrome.

You can use this link:


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