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I am trying to deploy simple 4.0 webforms project to my godaddy 4g windows shared hosting but i am getting an error message"Parser error message: could not load type: webapplication1_default".

This asp project runs locally good in visual studio.

My godaddy  has iis 7 and its set to integrated pipeline mode.

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Make sure whether godaddy 4g is configured for ASP.NET? And let me make it clear that IIS is not meant for a distant server. IIS is used to make a single machine act as a server and also as a client. 'localhost' is then term attached to IIS that implies the current machine.

Just a specified virtual directory acts as a server directory. The main thing you need to look for is whether it is configured for ASP.NET aor not.

If there is no .Net framework on the server, you cannot run the programs. webapplication1_default is configured for the local machine you need to open in wordpad and configure for a distant server.

Try consulting the Microsoft site.