Fuse Multiple CSV Files into a Single Excel File

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Hi there! I have six comma delimited files in CSV extension on my desktop. I want to fuse these six files together into one and load them into Microsoft Excel. Currently, I am opening all six files into one Excel file then copy-paste the contents into the first book, copy-paste, and copy-paste and so on and so forth. I figured there has to be another way, so I’m asking all of you to teach me how to fuse multiple CSV files into one Excel file. Thanks to those who can help.

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Fuse Multiple CSV Files into a Single Excel File


Combining multiple CSV files into one excel file is possible. All files need to be on one folder and you would be able to do the process.

METHOD 1 USING NOTEPAD: Open notepad and type ‘copy *.csv multiplefiles.csv’ and save the file as a .BAT file. Make sure to save the file on the same folder to where the CSV files are.

METHOD 2 USING DOS PROMPT: Go to Start > Run > Type cd c:help then hit enter. Note that help is the name of the sample folder where the CSV files are located in C: folder. Once you are on that folder you can now type ‘copy *.csv multiplefiles.csv’ then run it. This will copy all CSV files and merge them into one file called multiple files.

Another variation is to type ‘copy c:*.csv c:multiplefiles.csv’ then press enter. This would copy all CSV files on your root folder C and combine it to a single file called multiplefiles.csv

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