Need A Macro to Select Tables

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Does anybody know how to create a macro is MSExcel? My goal is to select some rows in the table and then paste it into a new document. Is it possible? How is it done?

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Need A Macro to Select Tables


yes you can create a macro to perform any action in excel. i am going to show you how to do it in MS-Excel 2007.


# At first click Office button which is at top left corner.

# Now click "excel options" now  click "Show developer tab in ribbon"  then "ok"  (This tab is hidden in Excel 2007)

# Now you will see the tab "Developer"

# Click "Macro security" and click "Enable all macros"

# Now click "Record Macro" Enter macro name and shortcut key, which is "ctrl" button and anything  you want.

# Description is not necessary, click "ok" .

# Now do whatever you want  then click "Stop recording"

# Now press your macro shortcut key that you assigned for macro.


    Hope you can make your own macro now enjoy!

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Need A Macro to Select Tables


Hi Arturo Owen,

This a very easy task and be kin to what I will be able to submit to you and you will enjoy it

If the developer tab is not available go to the Microsoft button the right hand top 

click Excel option .

A dialog box will appear where by at the top there will be the following options

1)show mini bar tool

2) Enable live preview

3) Show developer  on the ribbon

There will be a unchecked button on the last section that is on the show developer on the ribbon.

Click ok to close the dialog box.

To record macro you go to developer.

Select option of record macro

A dialog box appear where you have option of putting macro name which should be letter then after that you may put  numbers.

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