Create Security Measure for Downloading Excel

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Hi everyone! I would like to raise a question regarding OLAP server with HTTP connection source data and its related security. My source data currently runs on IIS6 under an IUSR account. One of my users is doing an “Export to Excel” job from an OWC11 cube on the web along with its data source. The user then forwards the spreadsheet to other users who also have access to the cube. How can I make security measures that will allow the first user to download the Excel (with or w/out the use of connection strings) at the same time, prevent the second user from accessing the data in the cube? Can any of you guys help me with this? Thanks.

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Create Security Measure for Downloading Excel


Seems to be quite a difficult thing to achieve considering the type of software’s that you are using. However there is a shortcut for everything in every software. I would like to give a suggestion of the steps so that you can follow them and see what happens.

The user that is using the export excel feature must have a session variable. Limit his session variable or isolate it from other users. This is how you can avoid the other users to access the same data while it is being exported.

  1. You can also try settings permissions to the server from where the file is being downloaded.
  2. Go to the folder where the file is being placed in your server.
  3. Go to permissions of this folder.
  4. Limit the permission to be able to be access 1 at a time.
  5. Or you can do is limit the permission of that folder to be accessed only by the first person that you authorize after login.

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