Functionality of computer networking and telecommunication

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Define a networking system. How can you differentiate the functionality of computer networking and telecommunication.  Enlist utilization of these technologies, in today`s business.

Please also comment on network topologies, how they work and also write down some merits of such topologies.

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Functionality of computer networking and telecommunication



Computer networking are the logical result of the evolution of computer and communication technologies. It can be considered a medium of transmitting information, over long distance. For other purpose, implementing data encoding, multiplexing methods and adopting communication systems while telecommunication networks are made to create universal or multi service networks,  which are capable of providing services. Radio, Telephone and TV Networks are sample telecommunications network.  However, these networks provides information in different forms.

Example: Computer networks are intended to transmit data.
                  Telecommunication networks are developed to transmit voice information only.

As of this moment, researchers aimed to create universal multi service networks, which is capable of transmitting information of any kind whether data, voice and video.

Types of Network Topologies:

Linear Bus topology consists of the main run of cable with terminator at each end are connected to the linear cable.

Star topology is designed with node connected directly to a central network hub.
Star-wired ring topology may appear same with star topology. It contains wiring that allows information to pass from one device to another in a circle or ring.
Tree topology combines characteristics of linear bus and star topologies. It consists of group of star-configured workstations connected to a linear bus backbone cable.

NOTE: Choosing a network topology you must consider your budget, length of cable needed, future growth of the company, and cable type.


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