Can companies afford new users priority on network?

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Hello experts,

I am under AT&T for the past years. However, their service is very poor. I called on their Customer Service and asked for assistance. And they said they will re-register my number to fix the bad service. It works for some time but after few weeks, the bad service occurred again.

Then I decided to switched to Verizon on 2012. Their service was perfect for the first few months. But just like AT&T, I started getting dropped calls, my calls are choppy and more. I want to know if these companies have their priority lists wherein they will put their customers on the list so they can assist them and so we, their clients will receive better services?

I know that what I am asking is illegal. But I just wonder if they can give their clients a chance to test their service first and cancel the contract if the clients are not satisfied with the service. I heard about the bike companies where customers will be put on their priority lists and then let their clients to drop their contract if the service is poor.


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Can companies afford new users priority on network?


Hello Stephen

You are not the only one how experience this type of problem, and AT&T is not the only company that does the same trick on new users, and if you look closely to the 20 page contract and read it carefully you can find that the company have the right to drop your connection speed to a certain level which you have already signed and agreed on it.

There is nothing you can do now except to wait till the contract expires after that here is some tips to not fall in this trap again:

1. Read the contract in front of the agent completely and ask to remove this term if you see it.

2. Ask the agent to write down a new term in the contract confirming that the connection speed will remain the same through the whole time that is agreed on the contract.

3. The smaller the contract and the less terms it has the better, if they hand you a 50 page contract then it is defiantly a trap.


This is just some of many Tips to not fall in this "legal trap" which is protected under the "low doesn't protect the fools" code.


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