Function of connection layer in OSI model

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What does the file connection layer in the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) ideal source responsible for? File link layer has been seen above the physical layer; however, it is under the system layer and how the key-based cryptography to ensure the validity of file changed over the system?

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Function of connection layer in OSI model


The connection layer in the OSI model serves the following functions:

  • It allows the devices on the network to have access to the network and also to send and receive messages
  • It is the one that is responsible for offering the physical address that will enable a device's data to be sent on the network
  • The layer has been designed to work with a device's networking software when sending and receiving messages
  • Another of its functionalities is to provide error-detection capability

Some of the networking components that it uses carry out those functions are:

  • The Network interface cards
  • The Ethernet and Token Ring switches and the
  • Bridges

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