Establish network game using vpn broodwar

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I am planning to create a network using VPN broodwar gaming.

I would like to be able to establish the network in such a way that we can play Starcraft broodwar even though we are living in a different location.

I don’t how to establish this but is it possible that one of us should stay online all the time so he can establish multiple VPN connections?

It’s like, he will serve as a bridge to the networks.

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Establish network game using vpn broodwar


To solve the problem, follow these steps:

Step 1
Install Hamachi, create/join a network.

Step 2
Unzip into Starcraft folder, in order to create a new folder like “Starcraft/Chaoslauncher”

Step 3
now move “forcehamachi.bwl” inside chaoslauncher folder.

Step 4
Run “Chaoslauncher.exe” and then update it to the latest by clicking update button and check ForceHamachi in plugin list.

Step 5
Now start the game using Chaoslauncher by clicking “Start”. Go to Multiplayer, UDP then Host/Join game.

This way you can bridge the network.

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Establish network game using vpn broodwar


If you want to play “StarCraft: Brood War” over a network and the other player is living remotely, the best way to do this without the hassle of setting up your own private network just for the game is with GameRanger. With this application, you can play many games with other players aside from StarCraft. To try this, download the GameRanger client and install it.

It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. It also works on OS X. To know the games you can play with GameRanger, go to GameRanger PC Game List. It supports about 726 games for the Microsoft Windows platform, 199 games for OS X, and 45 cross-platform games. To use GameRanger and play games, you have to create an account.

GameRanger supports the games “StarCraft” and “StarCraft: Brood War”.

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