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My laptop Use OS Backtrack R2. I was browsing its original use Firefox default. But I upgraded to Firefox 6 beta. There are still bugs. I downloaded Google chrome plus more.

I cannot run it right . Hold me back using Firefox. It's fitting I use Firefox the message.
XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
Location: chrome://browser/content/browser.xul
Line Number 34, Column 1:<window id="main-window"

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Hello there!

Latest version of Firefox is really buggy the same goes to Google Chrome but personally I use Chrome more often than Firefox. Firefox 6 does have a lot of issues including these “XML Parsing Error: undefined entity error” which usually occurs when you update your older Firefox to the latest version.
Some rough extensions can also cause this error. Try solving the problem by removing the previous installation reboot your system and do a clean install. This usually solves the problem. Also try to clean your system and registry by using some system utilities tools. It’s also quite helpful. Hope this helps you.

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At this time I will use Google Chrome while waiting for Firefox to overcome bugs. And I will try reboot system my computer, clean the registry.


Ray Johnson