Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server

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Hi to all, I am using my Firefox browser this morning at home, when I want to go site to search for some articles, I meet an error that Firefox cannot connect to server, posted together here is the error message screen.


Unable To Connect

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Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

Down for everyone or just me?

It’s a local problem: try using a proxy.

Uptime Auditor

It’s a local problem: Try using proxy.

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If at first you don’t succeed, try and 

Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

When I check on the error, the first thing in my mind is my internet connection, as I check on the internet connection, its up and running since my laptop can browse to the internet, only my desktop pc cannot browse, I scan my computer for some virus that might hijack my browser, but no virus was found, I run out of the idea now on how to deal with this issue, please help me find ways to solve this issue, thanks.

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Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server


Hi Maryfalty:

Have you recently downloaded any security software Anti-virus, anti-spyware, etc? Have you recently updated or installed programs in your computer? Was your computer doing fine before the download? If it was, it might be that one of your installed or updated programs is causing the problem. Do a system restore or uninstall those programs. Reinstall it one by one and check which program is causing the problem.
Scan your computer for any malware and remove them. Or you can also optimize your browser. Follow these steps on how to: 
Tools > Options > Privacy > Under History, you can choose from the dropdown if you want to remember history or not > Click on Clear your Recent History > Follow the steps above > After doing this, Click on remove individual cookies > Click Remove all Cookies > Click Advanced > Network > Connection > Settings > Put a mark on No proxy > Click OK > Go to Offline Storage on the same page > Check how many MB of space for the cache > Click Clear Now > Click OK (bottom of the page).
Close your current Firefox Browser and pull up another one. Try logging on to any website, see if you will still have the same problem. 
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Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server


Hi Maryfalty,
First of all, you have to make sure that the connection settings are not incorrect. If you also use Internet Explorer and IE works properly, then you shall compare IE connection settings (Control Panel =>> Internet Options =>> Connections =>> LAN) to those settings of Firefox ( Tools =>> Options =>>  Advanced =>> Network / Connection =>> Settings) or those settings of Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey (Edit =>> Preferences =>> Advanced =>> Proxies).

If the connection settings are modified, you should try to save any changes.  After restart Mozilla, you have to make sure that no utility program e.g. Hide IP Platinum is installed to modify the connection settings.

Any settings modification may still be available in any user.js file and even if the utility is deleted.  Therefore you shall open the folder of Profile and search user.js flle.  When the file is found, you shall delete the user.js file or any proxy settings. Then connection settings shall be reset.

Hope this could helps.  Have a nice day.

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Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server


This error could possible caused by proxy settings. And browser has this feature that you can activate.Internet Explorer, Good Chrome, Firefox and anytime of browser has this. Proxy settings can be configure into your  browser to let you anonymous and allows you to access restricted website. But proxy settings also the cause of Internet connection issue. 

If you are at home, proxy is not applicable not unless you want to connect via VPN connection. Or if your at school or at work, most likely they restrict you to access websites not related to work. You can use proxy to access these restricted website. Undetectable by your IT department.

To fix proxy error issue, you may open your Firefox browser and follow the steps below;

  1. Go look for Tools, click Options
  2. Click on Advanced gear
  3. Go to Network tab
  4. Settings button is next to click
  5. New window pop-up and put a tick on Use system proxy settings
  6. (just like screenshots)

Steps below are just one of the solutions.

Try this first and tell me if it won't work.

I'll give you update in the next forum.

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