The application gecko has crashed

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Hello boy's and girls, pasting here with this is post is a report from Bug Buddy, regarding the application gecko has crashed, I always encounter this error message when I use the application gecko, I am wondering why and what went wrong with this application, I already re installed this application many times, I am also done in checking my computer for some conflicting application with gecko.

Bug Buddy Bug reporting tool

Bug Buddy

Bug reporting tool

The application gecko has crashed.

Information about the crash been successfully collected.

This application is not known to bug-buddy, therefore the

bug report cannot be sent to the GNOME Bugzilla. Please

save the bug to a text file and report it to the appropriate

bug tracker for this application.

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Please help me with the error message I posted above, for your convenience in understanding the error I pasted the whole report screen,

I hope to hear from you, all your suggestions are highly appreciated,


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The application gecko has crashed



First try to find that is there any virus in your system. Maybe that virus is resisting to run the gecko on your PC. Or after installation corrupt some of its files. Or you can also check the windows files. Maybe some of windows files are corrupted which are important to support gecko. Is there any problem like this then scan your PC or repair the system from normal mode or safe mode.
Secondly. Which version of gecko are you using. Is it registered and updated? If not then update it from internet and install it from some other source. maybe the source has some problem. And install the updated version. Make sure that your PC must fulfill the installation requirements of gecko. 
You can get the knowledge about its latest version and download its updated version from here

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