How to remove make a baby toolbar?

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Hi, I am using a Mac Laptop and I don’t know how but this Make Me Baby toolbar installed to my pc. Now I want to remove it but don't know how, can you please help me?

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How to remove make a baby toolbar?



Hi Maceylyndsey,
It is very easy to uninstall/remove this toolbar. Follow the below steps.
  • Go to Applications folder in Finder.
  • Now, go to Toolbars folder and then go inside MakeMeBabies or BabyMaker Folder.
  • Run uninstall
Hope it helps.
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How to remove make a baby toolbar?


  Hello Maceylyndsey, 

I'm very sure that you have installed this make me baby toolbar with some other software installation unknowingly. It is very annoying that when you install something if you doesn't look at each and every step carefully you will end up with some other software too other than the original one you only needed. So heres what you need to do to remove this make me baby toolbar. 

First go to the Application Folder. 

Inside the Application Folder there is a Folder called Toolbars Folder.Go in to it find the folder named as make me babies. 

Inside make me baby folder you can find a uninstaller.

Run it and proceed to each step carefully reading the descriptions. 

Then go to library and then go to Application Support, and if theres any folder named as Conduit delete it. 

Also go to the Input Managers located in the Library and if there is any folder called CT Loader delete it. 

If this method doesn't work out download the make me baby toolbar manually. 

Install it again and restart your PC. 

And then try to uninstall again using the above steps. 

Thank you. 

Rubi Sharlene

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How to remove make a baby toolbar?


It is very easy task.
Just follow the instruction………
> Go to Control Panel
> Programs
> Uninstall a program
> Then search for `make me babies` in the search box.
> Then click it and click `Uninstall` at the top.

Also, if you`re using Firefox
> Click the orange `Firefox button at the top left of the browser screen
> Go to Add-ons, locate the toolbar under either extensions or plug-ins`
> Find the toolbar in the list, click it and click the `Remove` box.
> Then restart your browser

If you use a different browser, try a method similar to this, as all browsers should follow the same basic removal process.

Hope you will enjoy it.
Thanking you
Franke Mary

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