How to recover Saved Bookmarks on Firefox

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Hi there!

Recently, I lost all my  bookmarks in Firefox browser. There are some web addresses that are very important to me.


I need those web addresses immediately. Can anyone give me an option  to recover my web addresses? Please help me.

In addition, how can I recover my URL list?

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How to recover Saved Bookmarks on Firefox


Hello Jessie!

  • Ok.  First, I would like to know what happened. Have you accidentally erased the bookmarks? Are you the only one who is using your unit? Do you have other user account in your unit?
  • When the bookmarks are erased, well that's a problem.  Try checking your Recycle Bin. Hope, it was manually erased, then Recycle Bin is a great choice to start looking. Then just click it, then press recover.
  • If anyone is using your unit, well, try asking the person if he accidentally or purposely erased the bookmarks.
  • Then lastly, be sure that you have logged in at the correct user. For when you are using another user account, then it would not display bookmarks from other accounts. So please be sure that you are using the same account that you had bookmarked the addresses.
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How to recover Saved Bookmarks on Firefox


Yeah, it's in your profile folder under the old install.

  • Go to the drive from the older machine, and it's under 
Code: drive:Documents and Settings<account name>Application DataMozillaFirefoxProfiles<whatever folder is here>bookmarks.html
I think this solution must be of help to you.


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