Wrong message from firefox browser

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Why some user see a message that ask to them ,are you understand?

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Wrong message from firefox browser


HI Mahfuzah,

Could you please elaborate further the kind of message you are receiving from Firefox. There are many error messages that could be displayed by different problems. The most common ones are:

1. Offline Mode.

  • If this is message then simply go to the menu bar in Firefox, click on file then ensure that 'work offline' is not ticked.

2. Firefox is refusing the proxy settings.

  • If this is the case then go to tools in the menu bar then options.
  • Go to advanced, then network.
  • Click on settings.
  • Choose the settings as suitable for the network you are using: – The neither could be using manually configured settings or it auto-detects the settings automatically or uses no proxy at all. So choose whichever suits you.

Hope this helps,


Lee Hung

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Wrong message from firefox browser



The error message or the message that is usually displayed in Mozilla Firefox depends on the task or the previous action that you did. All possible actions that can be accomplished on a webpage are done just by simply doing a click on the available links. And all information that can be associated with the links are all in the form of texts printed or displayed on the page.

That’s why it is very important to understand first what will the link do or where will it bring you after clicking on it, although you can always go back to the previous screen by clicking on the back button of the web browser. And when an error happened, a message associated with the previous action will be displayed on the screen. That’s why sometimes there are questions that ask you whether you understand it or not. And if not, there is sometimes another option that further explains the information.

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