Files are not opening in Windows 7.

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why is my files not opening on my  windows 7?

I am using Windows 7 and when I am trying to open a folder in the Windows Explorer, it is not opening. An error message is coming which says ‘The file cannot be opened because the file is not associated with any program. Install the program or associate the file with installed program.’ Normally when right clicking on a folder first option will comes ‘Open’. But now it is coming second and first comes the ‘Explore’ option. Please help anybody to solve this as it is so annoying. Kindly help me to get out of this problem. Thanks in advance.

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Files are not opening in Windows 7.


Hi Roger,

Can you advise as to what happen when you click on Explore instead? Are you still not able to open the folder when you click on that option instead of open?

You may need to check if you have permission to access the folder. Also check if the path of the folder is correct and available. You can also try to transfer your own My Document folder to another drive which is available for you. Right click on My Documents icon and then choose Properties. Click on Sharing tab and change the location to the folder available for you then click ok.


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