Fatal Error GL ARB multitexture OpenGL extension is required

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Hello experts,

I have this OpenGL error, it says that my VGA driver is not up to date. How cannot be up to date since I didn’t find any updates on official website ? My VGA is working just fine with another games and I can watch movies without any problem. This is the only error that I have from my VGA. Can anyone help me with this error? What is causing this?

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Fatal Error

GL_ARB_multitexture OpenGL extension is required. Your OpenGL drivers need an upgrade or video card is not supported.


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Fatal Error GL ARB multitexture OpenGL extension is required


No, that error doesn’t mean that your video card’s driver is not up-to-date. If that driver your graphics adapter is using is the latest and you already checked the device’s official website and no other driver is available for it then it means the program you are opening doesn’t support your graphics adapter because it requires a much higher version of the OpenGL component which your video card doesn’t have.

In this case, no updating of the driver is necessary and the best way to fix it is to purchase a new video card with a much higher OpenGL support. This happens most of the time on old graphics adapter when running newer applications on the computer. Modern applications sometimes require higher device features and extensions that old hardware doesn’t provide.

So, to fix it, either purchase a brand new video card or replace the application that caused the error with similar or much lower version that can support your graphics adapter.

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