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I’m stuck with the error code on my attempts to use the app.

An Error has occurred

An error has occurred.

(NP-13144-3. )

I search on the net and found out that the error occurs because "there was a change to Facebook and it's causing some issues with the app." This doesn’t help me though.

Please help me with this.

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The PS Vita has just recently been released and which coincides with some things Facebook recently changed regarding logging in.

You are not alone with this I assure you, thousands have been having this problem with their PS vita as well and Sony has recently pulled off the Facebook app from the PlayStation app store because of this problem.

But Sony is not leaving their customers high and dry, they pulled the app from the app store to rectify the problem like Sony has recently stated in a press briefing that, They are currently working on what exactly happened with the app and are currently working on a newer version as we speak