Errors on Updating Alias File in Linux Red Hat 6.1

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Dear Guys!

After updating the alias file in my Linux Red Hat 6.1, and configure send mail I do always get the messages below: “Warning: .cf file is out of date: sendmail 8.11.6 supports version 9, .cf file is version 8.”

So what does the error means?

Even though .cf file is not empty or out of data the error is still appearing.

And also, I am using Sun Solaris 7 whenever I tried to refresh alias file using ( newaliases ) command but I get another error message: “WARNING: Group writable directory /var/spool” These warnings are common.

What do they purport?

I need a way out.

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Errors on Updating Alias File in Linux Red Hat 6.1


Dear Bernadette thompson

For the first warning message u got "Warning: .cf file is out of date: Sendmail 8.11.6 supports version 9, .cf file is version 8.", the version 8.11.6 that u have must have the proper .cf files, it seems that u have .cf files of an incorrect version or copied from another machine. In order to fix this problem, try doing the following steps:

  • Try to find the appropriate .cf files by copying them from another working machine having the same version number 8.11.6
  • Find the build of Sendmail and add the correct .cf file to its place

About the second warning message u got "WARNING: Group writable directory /var/spool", it seems that the permissions of the /var/spool folder is nor set properly as it needs write permissions, it should be set to: drwxr-xr-x 13.  

Hope this may help you.

Best of luck


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