What’s the meaning of LTS?

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I would like to know the meaning of LTS. Many Linux OS are released these days and not every version gets an LTS. I know that it stands for 'Long Term Support' but please help me get questions to the following questions:

What's the time period of LTS?

What are the things kept in mind by developers to release LTS?

Does LTS work for more than 3 years without any problems?

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What’s the meaning of LTS?

1. Yes, LTS stands for 'Long Term Support'
2. There are 3 different LTS with specific time periods:
 a. For Ubuntu Desktop with LTS of 3 years 
 b. For Ubuntu Server with LTS of 5 years 
 c. For Ubuntu Desktop & Server with LTS of 5 years 
3. Developer's strategy for LTS
 1. They select which all features need to go into the LTS release, versus which have to be allowed for users to optionally download from a separate archive.
 2. Avoid structural changes as far as possible, such as changing the default set of applications, lots of library transitions, or system layer changes 
4.Yes, It works for more than 3 years without problems.

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