Looking for tuner freeware linux

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I am looking for TV tuner for Linux. Please send me the trusted link for TV tuner freeware Linux.


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Looking for tuner freeware linux


Following are some of the links where you can download freeware for your TV tuner Linux.

1. RivaTV 0.8.6

The RivaTV provide driver support for Nvidia based graphics cards with video capture chips. It also activates tuner and audio support.

Link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/rivatv/files/rivatv/0.8.6/

2. TechniSat Satellite TV-card Linux Driver 0.7.0

The above driver gives you the capability to work with the Media Focus Satellite TV card under Linux.

Link: http://www.filetransit.com/view.php?id=95572

3. Livo – 1.0.0

The above device  is a web based PHP interface which schedule TV recordings using the tuner.

Link: http://www.download32.com/livo-i95870.html

4. MiTV Channel Switcher for ivtv – 3

The above application allows you to create a list of your favorite channels and switch between them using TV tuner card.

Link: http://www.download32.com/mitv-channel-switcher-for-ivtv-i97530.html

Hope this information helps you better.

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