Error on using Spinrite western digital 1tb Caviar Black

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I mounted a western digital 1tb Caviar Black hard drive onto my PC. Suddenly it started making strange noises. I downloaded a hard drive scanning software by the name of Spinrite. I ran it on my PC and it ran successfully for almost an hour but then suddenly an error appeared on the screen:

"Division Overflow Error!
A Critical error has occurred at: 5672 from which SpinRite CANNOT recover. The system has been halted!
Please record the information shown above and below and report it to us so we can find and fix this problem.  
  • eax: 3EC00000 esi: 0020000
  • ebx: 00000000 edi: 0000003F
  • ecx: 3EC00000 ebp: F0000000
  • edx: 000000FF esp: 00003FF6
  • ds: 1063 es: 1063 fs: 6FE8
  • gs:   0040 ss: 33F2 fl: 0246"
I want to report this information but I cannot find a way out. What is the root cause of this problem? Is it the Spinrite which is creating a problem or is something really wrong with my hard disk?
I wonder if anyone can be of any help for me in this issue. Looking forward to your replies.
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Error on using Spinrite western digital 1tb Caviar Black


Usually, you can hear a sound on the hard drive while it is being used by the computer. This is normal. On some hard drive brands that have lower spin rates, a much louder noise can be heard just like with my Samsung 40 GB hard drive which has a manufactured year of 2001.

Data access rate is much slower on this drive since doing a full system scan with my Norton Internet Security 2012 takes around 1 hour or more and defragmenting my system drive [drive C] which is only partitioned for 9 GB, finishes also in about an hour or more.

But when I acquired my 80 GB hard drive which is also a Samsung and with a 7200 rpm [revolutions per minute], my system drive is already partitioned for 20 GB and defragmenting it only takes about 30 minutes or less and running a full system scan on the whole 80 GB hard drive with my antivirus also takes around 30 minutes or less. I can also hear a sound coming from it but it has a much lesser noise compared to my other hard drive because this one has a built-in sound guard.

Since this is what’s happening to your hard drive, try installing any disk utility application on your computer and then check your hard drive for any possible errors. For a much thorough diagnostics on the system, use a disk utility application like PC Tools Performance Toolkit, Norton Utilities, or Norton SystemWorks. Use any of these applications to diagnose your hard drive.

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Error on using Spinrite western digital 1tb Caviar Black


Dear Ron,

This problem is not new and SpinRite has issues working with external hard drives.

It is advisable to use internal memory while using SpinRite.

However, your internal memory may not be sufficient enough to run the huge data of SpinRite.

Therefore, it is always advisable to take back up of the data before using SpinRite and if not you are running on high risk.

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