Error With Copying Disk While Making Vm

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I was about to make a Virtual Machine via Open Nebula 3. Everything went well and good but VM stays permanently on Pending status. Whenever I start one vm, it declares an error message same as I’ve stated below. Please advise on how to resolve this issue. Thank you.

ERROR=[MESSAGE="Error exciting image transfer script: Error copying mehmet:/var/lib/one/images/31dd9191dd9e5ac0cc86954f86f75dda to local host:/var/lib/one//6/images/disk.0", 
TIMESTAMP="Fri Nov 25 09:38:08 2011" ] 


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Hi there.  Your problem is seemed to be with copying of the file.  Sometimes manual copy of the file can solve this problem. Firstly I would suggest you to copy the file manually on the cluster node. Do this action with one admin user not multiple. As far as I think there is a read error at the time of copying this file.  So it indicates hardware or file system error.  If this is a file system error, then try to format your drive and then try again.  Otherwise if there is major fault in the drive then you need to replace it. You can also check whether the disk is full on the cluster node. If so, then try to make some free space and then try again. Hopefully this will work and your problem will be solved.


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