How to recover corrupted VMware vmdk ?

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My VMware virtual machine is seems like corrupted.

When i trying to copy or power on, facing the error "file is not found or corrupted.

When i check file from data store its not showing proper vmdk format.

My question is how i can recover my virtual machine and stored data in case of corrupted file format and how i can save my important data ?



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How to recover corrupted VMware vmdk ?


 Hi Nadeemrao,

It is very simple issue. You can easily recover corrupted VMware VMDK files by following method.

  • First you have to download ICE ECC software by free.
  • Then you need to install it manually and launch it.
  • Then you have to search the corrupted VMDK files. The software will figure out all corrupted files and fix them automatically.
  • Then you have to launch unstoppable copier to scan any hard drive for corrupted files and the software automatically find out and fix them.
  • Then you have to scan all hard drive by Driverrestore professional. The program automatically scan and restore the corrupted VMDK files and fix them.

I hope you will get your solution by above method.


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How to recover corrupted VMware vmdk ?



The problem you are encountering can be resolved if you follow the methods given below. After each method check whether the problem is resolved or not and perform these operations in order given below.

1. Restart the Mac.

2. If, virtual machine has a snapshot ensure that its parent disks have not been modified or altered.

3. You, need to confirm that you have the valid virtual machine configuration file.

4. Confirm, that you have virtual disk file for each virtual disk defined. If you are missing on any of the files (.vmx) or a split disk file, restore them.

5. Confirm that virtual machine is compatible with your system configuration and operating system.

If it is, the issue can be with the system and the OS installation.

If not, then restore the virtual machine from backup or recreate it.


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