Error on the best WBFS manager in 2011

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Wii Backup Manager used to be the best wbfs manager in 2011 for me because it works perfectly, until it gives me these errors:

split 0: size (-1) not sector (512) aligned

wbfs error: hd num sector doesn't match

Does anybody know how to fix it?


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Error on the best WBFS manager in 2011


Follow this instruction:
> Go to My Computer with the drive plugged in. See what letter it is addressed as.
> Open WBFS manager.
> Select that drive letter on the top left of the program.
> Then click Load.
> Then click Format. (This will erase all the data on the drive)
> After it is done formatting, drag and drop the ISO files on to the right side of the program.
> Then Click add to drive.
> The files can now be loaded via a USB loader on your Wii.

However, the next time you plug it into your computer, Windows will say it cannot read the drive,
And ask you to format it. Do not do this. Just hit cancel.

Then load it as before within the WBFS manager which will recognize it.

Thanking you
Franke Mary

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Error on the best WBFS manager in 2011


I think that two things might happen. The first one is that your usb drive is essential. The second your pc might not giving enough power to usb drive. Have you ever notice if when you copy files to usb drive if the process stops? Has it ever done something like clicking? For example copy data then click and stops, data copies then click and stops. If your answer is positive then this is the problem.

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