How to know if someone is connected to your pc using ssh?

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I've been using ssh command since January 2011, I use this to kill some unnecessary running application in our employees, also to view if they were running Firefox while in time of duty. There is a time that I use ssh command in a person who also know how to use the top command, where he can see that ssh is running on him. I want to know if there's a way he can tell that this certain pc is the one who is connected on his pc?

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How to know if someone is connected to your pc using ssh?


There are various ways to know whether any user has connected to your computer.

One best way is to give "who" command to know who has login into your computer. This command will show you all the available active connections with the hostname of the computer through they have done an ssh to your computer.

This way you can easily identify which computer has logged into your computer.

There are different tools which will allow you to do the same kind of things. But the best part of Linux is it has its own built in functionality.

So use "who" command this will be the best part.

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