Error 0x052102 when copying a DVD movie file

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I am trying to copy a DVD movie from a MDS/MDF source file. The size of the movie is 7.4GB, and I used a DVD Rewritable disk when burning.

When I inserted the disk and started the burning process, I heard a loud noise and after that it shows the error below.

The error code is 0x052102. How can I fix this?


(devInvalidAddressForWrite) Could not write to Disc (LBA: 32 Length: 32).

Invalid Address For Write. -0x052102

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Error 0x052102 when copying a DVD movie file


There are two possible causes for that problem, which are as follows:

  • The DVD that you trying to copy the files from is corrupt, and therefore when you insert it into the DVD drive on your computer, the computer cannot be able to read the data on the disk. You will therefore need to clean up the disk in case there dust that has accumulate on it. In case the DVD has scratches then you will not be able to copy the data from it.
  • The other possible cause is a problem with the DVD drive itself. It may be having problems like its case is loose, or it has dust accumulated on it and therefore you will need to clean it. You will also need to check that you have positioned the DVD well because positioning it wrongly might be the reason why you got the loud noise when you inserted it.

-Thompson Locker


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