Encountering issues in transferring files

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I am new to Unraid and not familiar with the workaround. I have a 4.7 server that has a five 2TB and two 1TB Hard drives of different models and brand and I am trying to copy and move some files from several of my external USB drives.

I was able to move a total of at least 35 gigabytes of files from a certain drive with the use of Teracopy with CRC mode enabled. However, the software has identified several files that did not pass the comparison for the CRC. So I tried to check on these files using md4deep in order to get hashes for md5 for the files that are on the drive and on the array. Surprisingly, I encountered no issues since they all passed the check. I'm thinking that Teracopy may have incorrectly reported that the 4 files have failed the test. It may have bugs that need to be fixed in order to properly qualify the files being moved.  If it does have issues identifying errors, this would mean that it may also have underlying issues when moving files.

I'd like to know if anyone has encountered the same issue because this has to be addressed immediately.

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Encountering issues in transferring files


Hello Justin.

Please specify what version of TeraCopy you are using.  There actually have been some complaints regarding poor performance and other errors in TeraCopy.  However, as a long-time user of TeraCopy, I have yet to find any major problems with it.  I suggest you try the latest version of TeraCopy (currently at version 2.7) as CRC errors have already been fixed (or so they say) since version 2.1.

If you find that TeraCopy does not suit you, you could try other alternatives such as FastCopy, Supercopier and Utracopier.  I am currently using FastCopy as it seems to be the one that is still actively being developed.

Hope this helps!

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