All files have been erased after installation of Windows 2000

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I have a desktop computer on which the Windows version is 98. I tried to install Windows 2000 on it. During installation, installation has been stopped automatically. I shut down the computer and launched the installation again and the installation has been stopped again.

Then I plugged out the cables of the hard drive and my brother installed Windows 2000. After installation, I saw all files on my hard drive have been erased. Why did it happen? Is there any procedure to get my files back?

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All files have been erased after installation of Windows 2000


I think when were installing Windows 2000 on your computer you did not format the hard drive and Windows 98 is still installed on it. Obviously the installation will encounter a lot of problems because it was being installed in a hard drive which is currently installed with another version of Windows operating system.

Your computer must have only 1 partition that’s why when your brother formatted the hard drive and installed Windows 2000 he was not aware that all of your valuable data was also on the same drive as Windows 98.

It is best to separate the partition used Windows operating system from the partition used by your important documents. So that if ever you are going to install another version of Windows all of your important files are safe in another drive while you format drive C.

Since Windows 2000 is already installed, the chance of recovering the deleted files is zero. Because when the hard drive was formatted all of the clusters that were previously occupied by your files were overwritten by Windows 2000.

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All files have been erased after installation of Windows 2000


You lost your data because your hard drive was formatted for the installation of Windows 2000. Now the question is can you recover your lost files?

And the answer is yes you can there are many recovery tools that are available but if you ask me I will suggest EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard you can buy the full version or you can use their free version which I think is enough to recover most of the file.

Here are the steps on how to recover your files using this software:

1. Download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, install it and launch it. Click the "Complete Recovery" button on the main window of Data Recovery Wizard. (If you cannot boot the computer, please use data recovery bootable disk or connect the hard drive to another computer as slave to recover lost data.).

Note: If the hard disk has mistakenly deleted volumes, hidden volumes, drives with failed operation/file system, you should use "Partition Recovery".

2. Select the file types you want to recover. Tick "Search all lost files automatically" to find all lost file types. Tick "Ignore bad sectors" to skip bad sectors when scanning.

3. The second screen on the "Complete Recovery" tool will display a list of volumes found on the drives found in your system. If the volume does not have a drive letter, then the volume will be listed at the hindmost and the drive letter will be instead by "*".

4. You should choose the volume that was formatted and click "NEXT" to start searching on this volume.

5. The Intelligent Searching module will scan on the selected volume, collect and analyze every byte on the volume, then show you a list of volumes which are possible on it.

6. After this scanning is finished, Data Recovery Wizard will permit you choosing 4 volumes at best to recover the data. And then, press "NEXT" button. The Data Recovery Wizard will launch the "Building directory" procedure to searching the files. You will see file/folder tree very soon.

7. Select the file or directory that you want to recover and press the "Next" button.

8. Select a directory and press the "NEXT" button to save the data.

I hope you find my answer helpful and wish you the best of luck.

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