Durable but Affordable Laptop to Buy

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Good day everyone,

I just want to know IT experts' opinions and suggestions about this. I'm planning to buy a laptop for personal use and I want only affordable ones but durable.

Does any care to give me some suggestions on what brand of laptop meet these 2 requirements?

Thank you.

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Durable but Affordable Laptop to Buy


Hi Jcwood,

First of all, I am not an I. T. expert, but I am an old time laptop user. I should know a thing or two about laptops. Anyway, laptops are delicate objects, but with proper care, you would not worry about its durability too much. Although you might as well consider it in buying, there is no need to worry in its durability.

Just take care of it properly. In that way, your laptop should work for years. The budget is what we should consider the most. Before you decide which laptop to buy, adjust your budget on how you use your laptop. If it is just for simple operations like web surfing, office suites, etc., then range your budget from a 100$ to 200$.

I suggest you buy Acer Aspire One Laptops, it is affordable, and it is good in working with simple operations; I am using even one now. If you are using it for complex operations, for applications which needs a powerful microprocessor and a powerful GPU like video editors, image editors, CAD, etc., or for gaming, then adjust your budget from 300$ to 700$.

I suggest you buy brands like Acer and dell. I am an old time user of these brands. Well, whatever it is, just base your budget from how to use it you will definitely find a laptop that will suit you.

>>Mathew Joni<<

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Durable but Affordable Laptop to Buy



Hi there,
The answer is simple if you have enough money and not concerned about the budget go for the high end gaming PC. You can work, Play high end graphic oriented games and develop and use 3D movies, Animations and other graphic designing more easily and in much faster.
But in working PC you wont be having a graphic card. That wont be any harm. You can play games and work but you won't be able to put your games to full throttle. But still you can play though.
So I conclude :- If you have money go for gaming or else buy a normal one. I suggest buying the X series of Samsung Laptops. Or Dell laptops. 
Good luck.
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Durable but Affordable Laptop to Buy


Hello Experts,

Thank you so much for the advice. I have decided to buy computers with the best quality neglecting how much it cost. Since if it's durable. It wont cost me too much in repairing it. Thanks again techyv experts.

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Durable but Affordable Laptop to Buy


Mathew lesten and jcwood,

All of you experts, first of all thank you so much for the solutions and also to this site Techyv. Now I have already bought my new laptop, very much updated and with a good quality.

This helps me so much I have been dreaming of this to buy this kind of laptop. Now I don't have any worries anymore and I can sleep at night with my laptop, I really love it so much. Thanks to all experts who make me reach my dream, god Bless and more power.

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