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I performed a backup process for my photos after I have upgraded into iOS 5. I have created a folder named "iPhone Pics" where I synched all of my photos since iTunes requires such. The Photo Library and Camera Roll from my iPhone will then synchronize with the iPhone Pics folder from iTunes.

At this time, iOS 5 does synchronize with the same folder, however, aside from Camera Roll and Photo Library, it copies the iPhone Pics folder as well, so my photos now are being duplicated.

Can someone please tell me how can I resolve this issue? All I need is the Photo Library and the Camera Roll in my iPhone.

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Just follow this trick:

1. Move all files in the My Pictures folder to the Recycle Bin

2. Sync all picture folders with iPhone using iTunes.

3. Unselect sync photos in iTunes & say yes to "Remove all synced pictures from iPhone?"

4. Restore all pictures from the Recycle Bin to the My Pictures folder.

5. Select sync photos from My Pictures in iTunes & sync iPhone.

Now, all photos will show up only once in the Photo Library.

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Hello Sherice Lawton,

1. At first, take snapshot every songle photo of one of the two duplicate files using the home button and the lock button.

2. Add these snapshots into camera roll.

3. Go to ITunes on your computer, unselect the synchronized photos and not have them two spare files.

4. After this, you will find all of your photos in camera roll.

Thank You.

Paul Jolie.