Jailbreaking query about iPhone 4s

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Which features get unlocked after jailbreaking an iPhone 4s. ??

What are the disadvantages of jailbreaking an iphone 4s .????

Is it correct that ,apple terminates the warranty of the product after jailbreaking ????

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Jailbreaking query about iPhone 4s


Hello there D_Shekhar!

Yes, once you jailbreak your iPhone, the warranty will become void because you are removing the restrictions on Apple. Here is the proof.

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Jailbreaking your iPhone will:

1. Give you access to tether for free.

2. You can do Facetime using the 3G network.

3. Modify your icons and themes.

4. Install applications that are not from Apple  App Store.

5. Make widgets and access settings such as Wi-Fi and more.


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Jailbreaking query about iPhone 4s


If you're wondering what will happen with your iPhone warranty after you jailbreak it – think no more. You won't get any support if your phone crashes or starts acting weirdly even if the problem is not caused of jailbreaking itself. 

As an advantage of jailbreaking you will only get your phone some new extra customizable features but at what price?

One of the main features of a smartphone is its stability, of which you will certainly get rid off after jailbreaking, causing your phone to crash. And when that happens all you can do is a factory reset, which by all means is not fun at all. Not to mention that with every official update you will have to wait for a new jailbreak to be released to update your phone. 

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