Dreamweaver does not allow hyphenated word

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I was wondering why Dreamweaver doesn’t allow hyphenated words in a page; words like mother-in-law, etc. 

It converts to motherinlaw which is definitely wrong, right. 

Is this a known bug in Dreamweaver? 

If so, is there a workaround for this? 

Please help.  Need this ASAP. 

See screenshot of error message:



Names can only contain low-ASCII letters and numbers and cannot begin with a number.

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Dreamweaver does not allow hyphenated word


Why don't you try converting the dashes or hyphens if Dreamweaver is interpreting it differently. Like for example, the ampersand (&) symbol is equivalent to & or &.

The dash or hyphen can be converted to ‐ or ‐ or ‐. So, if you will have a word like mother-in-law, you can put it as mother‐in‐law or mother‐in‐law or mother‐in‐law.

Here are other symbols and their equivalent codes:

  • – (dash or hyphen) – ‐ ‐ ‐
  • – (ndash) – – –
  • — (mdash) – — —
  • < (less-than sign) – &lt; <
  • = (equals sign) – &equals; =
  • > (greater-than sign) – &gt; >
  • £ (pound sign) – &pound; £
  • § (section sign) – &sect; §
  • © (copyright symbol) – &copy; ©
  • ® (registered sign) – &reg; ®
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Dreamweaver does not allow hyphenated word


Hallo Markco,

That is how the Dreamweaver programming language was set during its development. Its coded has been developed such that when giving names you can only use numbers and letters, without white spaces and hyphens.

The coding that has been used is the American Standard Code for Information Interchange, but it allows you to use underscores in places that you might have wanted to use the hyphens. You can also opt to use only a single name or mix the name with some numbers if you do not want it to look like some other name.


Lee Hung

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