Does the Modem Can be Infected by Virus?

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I access the internet using a modem when downloading an application from the Internet the application contain ramnit virus, I immediately stopped accessing the internet and unplug the modem from the PC.

When I would access the internet via laptop with the same modem the modem will not function properly.

Does the modem can be infected  by virus?

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Does the Modem Can be Infected by Virus?


Hi Erni Fitri,

A modem can be infected by a virus, but then again it cannot be affected. Logically speaking I mean it can be infected theoretically; however there has never been an issue that a modem is being infected by a virus. Although it is worth considering it probably can hardly happen. Now what you must be experiencing in your laptop must be due to some driver issues.

Technically the virus was downloaded into from the internet and saved right through your personal computer’s hard drive; thus the virus should be right at your computer.

With regards to your laptop, try to reinstall the drivers. Just download the drivers from your pc and then transfer it to your laptop.

Take note at your Ethernet controller; sometimes, this is mostly the issue when it comes to internet problems.

It should probably fix it.

Better yet call you internet provider.

Mathew Joni

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Does the Modem Can be Infected by Virus?


The answer is no modems cannot store virus,modem can only receive and transmit signals for your internet connections. And modems don't get infected with any virus because in order to get or have virus you need to have memory and modems doesn't have any memory.

Your modem will not get any virus because it doesn't have the memory to store any other files including virus and as we know virus like Trojan,worm, spyware,and other name of viruses are all written in files meaning its a written program and in order for that files of viruses to be executed you need a storage for it and your modem doesn't have the capacity to store any other file except to transfer files from the internet to your computer.

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