The message we can see when system crashes during working

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What message we can see when a system crashes during working? What it usually leaves behind? What we have to do In order to read the information on system that displayed in error message? Do we have to download and install something?

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The message we can see when system crashes during working


Hey,  In General there are thousands of error that can appear, that it would be almost impossible to describe them All. However, Some of the most common Are:

The Fatal Error:  This error appears when the computer is busy or processing tones of information that is unable to keep up.  TO SOLVE THIS ISSUE: On your Keyboard, Press , Ctrl+Alt+DELETE @ the same time.  And restart the system, If you restart all Unsaved data will be Permanently deleted.  So make sure you save before you restart, if it allows you to. 

Blue Screen of Death: This error simply tells us a hardware or driver is failing which caused this unrecoverable error.  To Solve simply restart computer and make sure all drivers are properly installed and are working fine.  To check go to:  Start-Right click on my computer then Properties and then Device Manager. And Now make sure there is no yellow Exclamation Marks, if there are, try reinstalling that particularly device.

A Kernel Panic- Occurs when Windows detects a fatal error, described above,  and it cant recover properly or safely.

Good Luck and Hope it helps,  Note this are  SOME of the most common. 



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The message we can see when system crashes during working


Below is one of the error messages that you can get when a computer crashes:

***STOP: 0X000000O3,0X8690D880,0X8690D9F4,0X805D29B4. This error is an error that will cause the computer to have a blue screen, and the following is what you should do when you get it:

  • You should try updating your windows operating system manually via Windows Update
  • You should update your drivers, and especially the video card and lan card drivers.
  • You should run a virus scan in Safe Mode:

           1. You will need to restart the computer.
           2. And before the Windows logo appears, you will need to  press F8 until you see a list of boot options.
           3. You will need to choose Safe Mode, and then hit enter
           4. Once windows has loaded, you will need to open the antivirus application that you are using and then run a Full System Scan.

-Clair Charles


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