DivX Player 6.4 Audio not supported error code 8192

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Hello techyv,

There is a problem I experience while I want to play avi video file format in my DivX player version 6.4. There is no problem with the picture, it plays perfectly, but the problem is no sound played. Also there is pop up windows, here is the message

The message says:

You may need an additional audio decoder to play the soundtrack of this file.

This file contains a track in the Dolby AC3 Audio (code “8192”) format. You may need to install a DirectShow decoder for this audio format in order to hear the soundtrack of this file.

Really blank about what to do, anyone can give a solution? Because I am really blind to this situation (FYI, this is the first time I use this program so I am confused). What it really mean? Really glad if anyone can tell me what is going wrong. Also I get confused by Gspot program, seem lot of things that are complicated and it doesn’t help me to solve the problem.
Please help, I’ll wait patiently for any answer that can help solve this problem.

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DivX Player 6.4 Audio not supported error code 8192



The probable solution of this trouble is getting the necessary codec of audio.

Visit the web page prearranged below and download the codec file.


After finishing download, install it through clicking twice.

Place it at the C drive (Program Files) according to the user guidance.

Now it will provide the sound support when playing your desired video files.

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DivX Player 6.4 Audio not supported error code 8192


Hey all. I'm kind a new to these video codec and stuff. I have one problem i can’t work around. Now, I'm not entirely sure i can play. avi files from the game Dawn of War. I need to play them and edit them for school (in year 12 FTV). When i play them using DivX it says i possibly need an additional video decoder to play the file. In the error msg it also says, “The file contains a track in an unknown format (code ")format. you may need to install a direct show decoder for this video file to play."

Now, remembering I'm kind of lost with all this, i have tried out a direct show decoder but it still doesn’t play. I've installed codec packs with .avi codecs 3ivX  etc but nothing works. How can i watch them without actually playing the game they are tied too? (I’ve duplicated the original copies of the video files too)

Odom  Vemus

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DivX Player 6.4 Audio not supported error code 8192


DivX is the best video player I have ever used. But sometimes I also faced this type of error message. But to me this problem is not same. I could not see the video but could hear music easily. Thanks to both experts especially Mehdy Blancha for giving me a good solution. After reading your answer, I installed a new package of codec and now I am able to listen and watch videos clearly. I love DivX.

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