HTML5 specifications and what to expect?

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What does HTML 5 features about and what are we going to expect in terms of its usage?

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HTML5 specifications and what to expect?


Well as we all know that HTML 5 is important for assembling different types of web pages, it is also very easy to use and also supported by multiple browsers….HTML 5 is widely preferred by search engines and the best part of it is, it is absolutely free….

Some new features included with Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 is new support for HTML5 and CSS3. Specifically, according to the web team:

“The entire HTML5 specification isn’t supported but most of the new elements and attributes are. That means you get both intellisense and validation for HTML5 with SP1. […]

HTML 5 mainly focuses on creation of web applications. It is and will be mainly preferred for its brilliant capabilities  covering video and graphics and also it offers many API's too.

After 5 years of hard work, HTML 5 managed to enlist video support while Google's Chrome browser is capable of doing anything from video tags to video uploads with HTML5. Internet Explorer 8 also boasts of features influenced by HTML5 including AJAX navigation.

To take advantage of the new HTML5 support you can go to Tools | Options | Text Editor | HTML | Validation | Target and change the Validation to HTML5 or XHTML5:

HTML 5 has more upgrated interface among all the websites, illustrating the entire content of the website that includes the heading, title and also the specific content of that page. HTML 5promotes better coding for the combination of audio and video.The old coding style of HTML 4 is  upgraded and improved in HTML 5………bring more oppurtunities and varieties……..minimizing almost all the limitations that HTML 4 had and making life a lot more easier  for HTML 5 users………..

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HTML5 specifications and what to expect?


HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and the usual or the normal HTML that we know of is also known as HTML4 bearing its version number. It is basically the language used by all brands of web browsers that you can download used to display the contents of a website. Tim Berners-Lee is the person who developed HTML or the HTML4 and is the oldest version since its creation in 1990.

The HTML or HTML4 has an exceptionally loose syntax which is great for amateur developers. HTML5 is the latest version and is continuously being adopted at present by most websites. Although it’s already being used by most websites that you can find, it’s still under development. Below is a list of several new HTML5 tags:
<!– … –> – Defines a comment.
<!DOCTYPE> – Defines the document type.
<a> – Defines a hyperlink.
<abbr> – Defines an abbreviation.
<acronym> – Defines an acronym and is not supported in HTML5.
<address> – Defines contact information for the author/owner of a document.

For the complete reference of HTML5 tags, please refer to W3Schools

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HTML5 specifications and what to expect?


Hi Techyv experts, thanks for your valuable recommendations. I think that is the highest seat of learning about IT related information. I love Web Development. So I wanted to start learning Web Development. As HTML is the first level of Web Developing, I started learning it. I started learning HTML 4. Once I heard about HTML 5, I was confused if it really exists and easy to learn or not. Now I have knowledge about HTML 5 after reading this page. Among all the experts, I think Sharath Reddy helped me most. He described HTML 5 so easily that I found it very easy to learn. Now I have almost finished studying HTML 5. My knowledge in HTML 5 is really expanding because of you Sharath. You are great provider. Thanks a lot, Sharath.

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