Error code 88780078: DirectSound Driver Incorrect

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I have a small problem on my laptop.
When I want to play a sound file, the following message: DirectSound Driver incorrect.

Please install proper drivers or select another device. Error code 88780078.

I tried all means, but to no avail.

I just ask for your help:)

Thank you in advance!

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Error code 88780078: DirectSound Driver Incorrect


The features of your Sound Card is off. You must activate the features to use your Sound Card properly:

  1. click start
  2. open your Control Panel
  3. open Sounds and Audio Devices
  4. open the Hardware tab
  5. your Sound Card should be in the list if your Sound Card is properly installed.
  6. select it and click Properties
  7. select "Use this device (enable)"
  8. click OK
  9. restart computer

If your Sound Card is not in the list I mentioned earlier you have to:

  1. uninstall your previous installation of your Sound Card
  2. restart your computer
  3. if you have the CD of your Sound Card Driver install it(the right installer not the wrong one) if not download your Sound Card Driver
  4. install your Sound Card Driver
  5. restart your computer
  6. repeat the first the steps i mentioned above just to make sure your Sound Card is enabled.
  7. restart your computer
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Error code 88780078: DirectSound Driver Incorrect


I have read your problem.

The solution is here.

1. Go to My Computer/Manage/Device Manager . Now you will see the list of all your devices. Now select Winamp preferences (Ctrl+P) then click on output .

There is an option to select Direct sound output. Now select Dll(Out_ds.dll).YOU will see the changes. If there is any changes reset it to my soundcard.

I am sure this will help you.

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