Give me a solid idea about Jaz drive and its necessity

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What is Jaz drive? What are differences between Jaz Drive and Zip drive? What is the storage capacity of Jaz drive? Is it internal type or external type? Where is it applied? What is SCSI controller? Why we used the Jaz drive? Which types of file are stored here? Is Jaz drive speed equal with Hard drive? Thank You

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Give me a solid idea about Jaz drive and its necessity


A Jaz drive is a small, portable hard disk drive used primarily for backing up and archiving personal computer files.  Jaz and Zip drives are different in the way a computer recognizes a Jaz file – it does so as if it were another hard disk. This recognition allows users to use and install apps right from the Jaz drive.

A Jaz drive runs at speeds that are very close to hard drives.  It comes in 1GB and 2GB sizes, and is available as internal and external drives.  They are primarily used to exchange files with other users and to store very large files.  You can also keep other files separate from other files on your hard drive with the Jaz drive.

It consists of a SCSI (Small Computer System Interface), which is a set of standards that are used when linking and transmitting data between pc’s and any peripheral device.  This interface also requires that either an SCSI adapter card present in the computer is attached to a parallel port.

It comes standard with hardware that is used to back up a hard drive, to be able to record and playback voice recordings, music and video files. You can temporarily use one Jaz drive on any other computer.  They can be used to swap files with other users.


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