Difficulty in Managing Folders in Windows Vista

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At my workplace we have three computers; one of them is a Toshiba and the other two are Dell and Sony respectively. Both the Sony and Dell computers are running on Windows 7 while the Toshiba runs on Windows Vista. Each computer has a document file located in the library and all the files have green folders. There is a Manila folder that is named Documents which also has a green folder that is saved as documents. The Manila folder is found under documents. The Toshiba, on Vista OS, is giving me a rough time with these folders. When I delete the extra folders all the other folders are deleted. Another problem is that I end up having three folders with similar content when I save a downloaded file in the manila folder named documents, then transfer it to the root folder. The Dell and Sony computers on Windows 7 on the other hand don’t have this error. I have been unable to figure out this problem and so I am seeking for your help on this matter. Any idea that will solve this problem is welcome.

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Difficulty in Managing Folders in Windows Vista


For me that seems to be a virus has invaded your Toshiba computer that is running on a vista operating system which is responsible for causing that problem. And the virus that might be affecting your computer is possibly Recycler which duplicates the folders that you have or the contents that you have in the folders with the intention of exhausting disk space on your computer.

You will therefore need to run an antivirus program that will be able to detect and remove the virus that is on your computer. Some of the antiviruses that I have worked with that are able to overpower Recycler and remove it from your computer are the following:

  • Avg antivirus
  • Bitdefender antivirus
  • Kaspersky antivirus.

You can install any one of those, or if you have any other that you trust to be strong enough use it to remove the virus on your computer.

-Lee Seen


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