Difference Network Switches & Hub

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What is the difference between Switch and Hub?

Give two simple example.


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Difference Network Switches & Hub


Most people are confused about Hubs and Switches. More often than not, both are used interchangeably. Hubs and switches may both be network equipment, but one is different from the other in the means of passing their respective received network traffic.

Hubs and switches both connect devices and are used often in the same network. However they differ in such a way that the former provides more ports thus extending the network, while the latter makes the network into smaller and less clogged up sections by dividing the network itself.  To further explain the differences between the two network equipment, see below each detailed description.


Hubs can actually be referred to as a multi-port repeater since it connects computers together, taking into account that it is a type of network tools.  It works as a device that repeats or passes on each and every one of the information it receives. One example is a 4-port Ethernet hub.


Switches, on the other hand, base its control on the flow of network traffic on each of its packets’ address information. In reality, it monitors the packets it collects or accepts and rely on these packets only to the suitable port. In addition, switches have the ability to know which devices are connected to its port. In this process, instantaneous communication across the switch is allowed plus the bandwidth is improved as well. Examples are IP switches, desktop switches and core switches. 

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Difference Network Switches & Hub


A hub and a switch are devices, that are used to connect one or more computers in a network.

The difference between a hub and a switch is that, when a hub receives data it sends it to all the computers.
The switch is more efficient. It`s able to determine where the data is supposed to go.
For example, If it receives data for computer A, it`s only going to send it to that computer A and not to all the other computers.

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