How to handle remote website issue (in laptop)?

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I guess this probably is like telling a mechanic that my car is not starting and asking him to tell me over the cell/mobile what the problem is or what to do. Here, for unknown reasons all of a sudden my laptop is not connecting to the remote web site. 

I sometimes have faced trouble publishing, due to some firewall issues, but I've never had this issue before. My laptop can access the internet otherwise. I also can access my local Front Page file, but whenever I try to connect to the web server, I firstly get a message that “connecting to the web site” then an other message appears stating that “is listing sub sites in (web address)” and that's where this process hangs up. I have tried my best to overcome this issue, but I failed to settle it down.

To solve this issue, I have tried disabling my laptop security program altogether, but I am still unable to connect. I also haven’t installed any software, that I should have to be aware that it would effect the connection with remote website. I also have checked the remote website and it is also working properly, because I can access without any problem via my desktop computer.

Now, I am here to find the solution for this issue.

So, I need to know How to handle remote website issue (in laptop)?

If anyone has a guess, what might be causing this specific problem? Then kindly guide me.

Kindly provide any help, if you can…


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How to handle remote website issue (in laptop)?

Hi Watsoen,
Hope you are doing well.
I believe everything works perfectly for your laptop, except the part where you want to connect to a remote computer. You already have done some preliminary trouble shooting on this and have disabled the firewalls and still the same thing happens.
I believe you are using a Windows machine. I am not sure what client or remote tool you are using. If it is browser based, you might need to check your desktops setting and apply this to your laptop.
If this is for a separate client application, you may try copying or cloning your desktops whole OS / apps setting to your laptop just to check if it’s the hardware or just some software setting. 
You can use Acronis True Image for this (Acronis has an option for you that lets your copied image run on any computer).
You may backup your laptop, to another drive before copying it to your desktop.
Just in case you would like to restore it you may.
If you are using a client, you may also try to use LogMeIn software.
This is an all in one remote solution.
Not hardware based though and a little pricey

Hope this helps you.

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How to handle remote website issue (in laptop)?


How to handle remote website issue (in laptop)?


Ans:this is  a  way to share Internet connection at your home without using network router. this is a good point , it’s not so hard. What you need to have is a Windows7 Vista/XP computer is set up with mainly 2 network cards, one is  connects to Internet  connection and the other one is connects to your home network.You can connect computers in your home network to the Internet by using Internet Connection Sharing tools.The main benefit of this approach is you don't need to buy new router to share Internet connection at your home.

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