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Why we use PDF formats instead of the original word file?

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PDF format is Portable Document Format. It means if you need to send or take away a document which originally prepared with some word processing software, then you can take away by converting them in to PDF format. Because if we take away the original file with the extension with that word processing software (ex. MS WORD), then we will have to face two main problems.
Those are the font may not in the new location of file. And the software we use to prepare the document may not in the new location and will be unable to open it. So we convert it to common flat form called PDF and take it anywhere we want. No font missing and application independent. But we need to have a PDF reading software in the new location of the file to read.

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Hi Koka,

1. PDF files are universal file format while word documents are not.
2. PDF is cross- platform. This means that one can use it on any operating system. word files are limited to specific Operating System. i. e every operating system has its customized Microsoft office.
3. PDF files can be compressed to a sizable file thus allowing it to open quickly in a workstation thus very ideal for use in a network.
4. PDF files meet the legal requirements in that they cannot be edited without leaving electronic footprints. This is a very important aspect in the protection of documents.
I hope this sheds some light on the difference between the two formats.