I lost my Office Shortcut bar

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I am using Microsoft Office 2000. I prefer Office 2000 very much. I open Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other third party software from my Officer Shortcut bar. It stays on right corner of my desktop. But today I lost my Office shortcut bar. Is it possible to recover the bar?

If possible how can I recover it ?

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I lost my Office Shortcut bar


Hello Miclesinot, I find it OK to use Microsoft Office 2000 because of it's functionality and it's reliability. To show the Office Shortcut Bar back, these are the steps; Add an Office program to the Windows Start menu

  1. Click Start menu, All Programs, Microsoft Office.
  2. Right-click the Office program the add your desired menu, and then click Pin to Start menu.
  3.  The icon should appear in the your Office 2000.

Another clear way is to:

  1. Close the Microsoft Office Shortcut Bar.
  2. Click Start, point to Settings and click Taskbar & Start Menu.
  3. On the Start Menu Programs tab, click Remove.
  4. Click (+) next to StartUp to expand the programs list.
  5. Click Microsoft Office Shortcut Bar and click Remove.
  6. Click Close and then click OK.

This will show the latest version of shortcut and remove the oldest version of Office Shortcut bar when starting your Windows. Enjoy!

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I lost my Office Shortcut bar


It is possible to recover the bar. Just follow the instructions:

  • Click on 'Start,' then on 'Find,' and then on 'Files or Folders'
  • A new window will pop up. In the 'Named' field, type in Shortcut Bar.
  • Change the 'Look in' to the C Drive.
  • Click 'Find'
  • When it is done searching, you should see "Microsoft Office Shortcut Bar."
  • Double-click on it.
  • The Office Toolbar should appear.


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I lost my Office Shortcut bar


Shortcut bar is very useful when busy time have been passed to open various programs one after another. You said that you are using MS Office 2000. You used shortcut bar within your operation of computer. But you have told that you have lost the shortcut bar. The purpose of the shortcut bar is to work with document smoothly to find it within short time.

Please go to Start Menu under All Programs Search field and write shortcut bar. It is found there Programs 1 and after it looks on Microsoft Office shortcut bar. Click on it. You will obtain Microsoft Office 2000 Premium dialog box. Insert the "Microsoft Office 2000 Premium" disk and click OK for it.

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